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/well, i came back today and found out that i have pretty much lost my grimmjow muse for the time being. surely, you guys have noticed this.

so, i’m going on a hiatus, and i’m not sure when i’ll be back. i don’t wanna write for him when i’m just not feeling it and giving you guys shitty stuff. hopefully you guys understand and i’m very sorry for the inconvenience. 

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Thanks everyone!  I’ve loved roleplaying with all you every step of the way!  In no other community have I felt more welcomed and loved!  Thank you to everyone who has put up with my strange kinks and questionable ships, to everyone who has indulged my masochistic tendencies… Thanks to everyone for following me and giving me a chance!  I’ve made so many great friends in this fandom.  You’re all so supportive and wonderful!


Mei has been super supportive and nice, even if we haven’t interacted much, I consider her one of my closer friends in the fandom. A great writer and a wonderful person, I’m glad I got to know her a little!


This darling Ichigo had no protest when I shoved myself into their ultra-dark AU with yuhovah/schwarzekonig. A quality Ichigo and a wonderful person, I’m happy that I started rping with them! Huurah to those that love to break their muses!

schwarzekonig / y-h-w-a-c-h  ❃

A great, quality yhwach with whom my interactions made my blog like 75% kinky nsfw. I’d like to thank them for initiating our interactions and for not running away when I answered ask prompts with dark stuff! Lots of love, dear!


This is my Nnoi.< A great and accepting roleplayer, tyrannicaltrio has stuck with me since the very beginning and our muses’ whirlwind romance really helpped me get get used to rping Orihime. Thank you so very much!/small>


I still haven’t gotten my fucking chicken fries. My local restaurant was FRESH OUT of them when my mom went to get some for me. I’m sick and tired of your bullshit, BURGERKING, if that even is your real name!  The Canandaigua Burger King has to be like one of the most lackluster Burger Kings in the country. Fix this immediately.


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burning-solitude by-the-strictures candysensei chxshio clairjohnson completelyhypnotic cothurnas cursxdsoxl cxduceus darlinggroom demented-porcelain-doll doctor-rukia edrord empty-boundaries featheredperfection grimmjxw guardianreaper halbmetall horrificlove hound—of—justice justaconsultant keikakudori korieos kyoki-no-keshin lunaeterea mimiishaunted nervenzerstorung nights-ablaze orbislibratur paragonsofpatience paragonsxofxpatience r-y-u-s-e-n-k-a saexva slave-crown somebodyhastolose striinkla sxnka t-engu thefabuloustrepadora thoumeaux trxpadora txsla vanorey wastelandemperor wiltingmarigolds youhelpmeillhelpyou

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"You don’t ask people with knives in their stomachs what would make them happy; happiness is no longer the point. It’s all about survival; it’s all about whether you pull the knife out and bleed to death or keep it in."

—Nick Hornby, How to Be Good (via quoted-books)
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-walks over to his other self and licks the left cheek-


    — [Wipes his cheek off after the fact.]

    —‘The fuck was that for?

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                                Tнe Eyeѕ 
            oғ тнe Qυeeɴ

⊰ S T I N G ⊱

          Wιтнoυт Heѕιтαтιoɴ

                                                 || barracks || protocol || inquire ||

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Intensely wants to rp with your character but doesn’t know how to approach.

Breathes on your shoulder.

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 p much;  


                                               [dih-struhk-shuh n]

n. 1. the act of destroying;

2. the condition of being destroyed; demolition; annihilation 

3. the cause or means of being destroyed

                 ☠ ᴜɴ   ᴅᴇᴜx   ᴛʀᴏɪs   ϙᴜᴀᴛʀᴇ
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Let me start off by giving a Godzilla size thank you to everyone for helping me along this far. Due to the fact that this is a remade and selective/private roleplay blog, I’m astonished that so many people decided to shed so much attention on my blog. This is definitely a milestone, and I owe it all to you guys!

Anyway, let’s jump right in— 

 [ Total Baes ]

To all of you guys in this category, thanks for putting up for my bullshit and weirdness.

[ wisteriaessence ]

     Okay, to start things off here, I’ve known this chick for about as long as I’ve been on tumblr. From the beginning until now, she’s supported me and has been mad fun when it comes to threads. I owe a lot of my starting confidence to her since she backed me up when I was a bit questionable about the canon-ness of my muse. I should also mention she’s a total badass, and so is her OC, though Ichigo and Rei haven’t interacted a huge amount.

[ nwodsipu ]

     I’ve known her for just as long, and honestly, she was one of the first muns I ever interacted with on my old blog. She has a really canon image of Shinji in her mind, and she pulls off his personality ridiculously well. I am sad to see that her OCs don’t get enough attention though, so you guys should definitely do a little visit-poo to her blog for some quality threading. 

[ liliumpurpureo ]

     Can we talk about this lady for a second? First of all, she’s got a kickass personality and wears sass pants bigger than Honey Boo Boo. But on the other end of the spectrum, she’s also really sweet and caring. Her OC also has a healthy dosage of such qualities with a bit of attitude flare, and Ichigo and Brae get along way better than most. We tease each other a lot, so naturally I recommend all of you to follow this A+ idiot roleplayer!

[ xcorazon]

     This gal and I just started talking not too long ago, but we pretty much had an immediate connection. Super chill, super funny, and she’s a good roleplayer to boot. We also happen to live in the same state, so that makes her extra cool. B) Check out her OC blogs! [ x / x ]

[ viscxral / asami-h ]

     Not much needs to be said here. Her attitude is self-explanatory. She’s a sassy fire and super easy to talk to. I think it’s pretty much impossible to be awkward with this woman. She’s supportive as a person and her muses are equally kick ass. 

[ Total Badasses ] 

|| vanorey || unchainably || prohibito-aves || y-h-w-a-c-h || shapeshxfter || cursxdsoxl || rabbit-of-snow || candice-thunderkitty || streunenden-hund || beast-of-chaos || hellbound-hatred || hiroyukitomizawa || grimmjxw || stoikosevgenis || quincy-ina || praktikos-emporo ||

[ People I Lurk on From Afar ]

|| sublabor || nightingale-threnody || cynixmus || bi-no-shi || halbmetall || burning-solitude || ukitxke || delusivefox || eaxsolis || patereius || hakkiri-shinai-iko || juu-no-ishi || straight-shooting-shinigami || icy-lil-poppet || freestxle || omniicide || rxjuro || rxkkas || chxshio || starfieldshinigami || shinsatsu || aversa-pars || xaoli || murcielxgo || bloodiedsixthblade || vrontisei || korieos || milxti || sadistaidd || kuchigire || silber-krieger || cherubxm || soothingnotes || dementissimum || niveusserpentem || nianzol || jubilee-bumblebee || blxsse || arousing-dissonance || liquxde || lichtprinz || eeelektra || kumokuinshi || mxdsoul || lxppi || inspirenjional || marigoldsandpoetry || shadowstrand || candysensei || hanabiira ||

If I missed anyone at all, I’m really sorry. I don’t intend to forget people, and if you let me know, I can definitely credit you.

Anyway, thanks again for propelling me this far. It’s only because of you guys that I can have so much fun on here and meet so many cool people.  Stay awesome, guys. B)

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